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Single Family & Residential

Since the beginning, Wilshire Escrow has grown Los Angeles through helping families grow their dreams by purchasing homes since 1944.  We founded our reputation on and continue our legacy of professionalism by offering the best in class services for all single family and residential escrow services.

Multi-Family Residential/Apartments

Los Angeles has grown tremendously since 1944 and Wilshire has been there to provide escrow services along the way. With the influx of new residents in California and as people increasingly move inward to major cities, your newest apartment construction or refinance will be more important than ever. Wilshire Escrow affords developers and principals a streamlined apartment escrow process from our highly trained agents.  

Commercial & Industrial

The commercial and industrial sectors have been vital in establishing a strong economy throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding region. We are proud to have worked with countless small and large businesses for over 70 years. There are a multitude of moving parts to make a commercial or industrial sale close successfully.  Our experienced escrow agents understand each specific part of the commercial and industrial escrow strategy and can manage the big picture so your sale goes smoothly and efficiently.

1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges

It can make great financial sense to exchange your earnings from one property into the purchase of another property. At Wilshire Escrow we understand how a legacy is built by making a smart purchase for the future.

Real Estate Loans

Interest rates have seen much variation over the past several years. The opportunity to refinance may be exactly what your family or business needs to best steward and repurpose your resources.  We can provide our expertise to help you through the process of securing a Loan Escrow or a Refinance Transaction.

Business & Bulk Sale

Are you buying a business?  If so, the Bulk Sale Code in the Uniform Commercial Code of California provides the outline for the business escrow process.  If you are a homeowner, you are likely familiar with real estate escrow, however, selling a business is different from real estate since the business is categorized as personal property. We can safely lead you through this complex process.


Are you purchasing a new restaurant or venue?  We also specialize in efficiently providing Liquor License Transfers to new owners.