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Our History

Four generations of escrow experience.
One legacy of excellence.

Wilshire Escrow Company, established 1944, is the oldest independent escrow company operating in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area. Founded by Roy F. Shewfelt (5th from left), and Scottie Shewfelt (4th from right), Wilshire Escrow enjoyed instant success resulting from the post WWII housing boom. Scottie recalled when they opened 4,000 escrows in a single subdivision, a feat not uncommon during this post war era. Wilshire Escrow quickly established a reputation as a competent company fully capable of handling a high volume of escrows.  As the word spread, the Wilshire Escrow staff found themselves setting up card tables on location at the new housing tracts to accommodate the volume; sometimes taking up to 100 escrows a day.


Having established himself firmly in the industry, Roy Shewfelt recruited his three sons, Don, Richard and Larry, into the firm. They took on the task of expanding and developing a company that had enjoyed many early successes. Larry added to the company’s offerings by handling liquor license transfers, bulk sale escrows, sale of automobile dealerships as well as other businesses. Both Don and Larry also served as Presidents of the Escrow Institute of California. The Shewfelts are now well into a fourth generation of escrow officers that continue to provide excellent, specialized service to the Los Angeles community.

In 1994, Wilshire Escrow Company celebrated its 50th year and the company was honored with Letters of Congratulations from the City of Los Angeles, State Senator Barbara Boxer, not to mention President Clinton. Wilshire Escrow was also honored by the attendance of City Councilman John Ferraro at our 50th anniversary gala.  In 2014, Wilshire Escrow celebrated our 70th anniversary with a beautiful art deco themed party at the Wilshire Country Club, where we received a Certificate of Recognition from the City of Los Angeles and Tom LaBonge. 


Although based predominantly in the Los Angeles area, Wilshire Escrow has experience practicing outside of the region. With escrow transactions closed in every state and in many instances outside of the country, Wilshire Escrow Company is prepared to accommodate a broad range of client needs. With a new generation of Shewfelts joining the firm, each escrow transaction will be in good hands for years to come.